Triskele Castle

BOOK 1: Creation

With feck all power comes feck all responsibility… right?

The island of Hy-Breasal never disappeared; it simply went into hiding. Secrecy is paramount to protect the veiled realm, but how long can it last? For now, it’s a haven for Seelie fae who don’t ask too many questions.

Winifred ‘Fred’ Amaris is looking for answers. An outsider from birth, she hates being ‘special’. She wants the spark of magic that all island fae possess. For seventeen years she obeyed the Queen’s rules; don’t enter the human realm and don’t let humans know fae exist.

What doesn’t transmit light creates its own darkness…

All that changes when unseen forces mark her for death. She’s spent her whole life running from uncomfortable truths. Before the day is over, she’ll be running for her life. To survive, she’ll have to trust forbidden allies and unravel the mysteries of her past. But not everyone can be trusted and the cost could be more than just her life.

Triskele Castle: Creation is the first novel in an Irish Young Adult Urban Fantasy series. Filled with arse-kicking action, tenacious heroines and a dash of slow-burn romance. Think Buffy meets A Celtic Legacy with a sprinkle of Winx Saga.

Mythical Magic with Irish Flair

L M Hughes

I hail from a long line of Irish storytellers, baptised in the sacred spring of Irish lore and legend. I grew up near the rugged coastline, tucked away in a little fishing village on the Howth Peninsula. My earliest memories of bedtime stories stoked my love of myths and magic. Hiking over the hills in Howth with my dad, I would imagine the portal tomb really was a gateway to the Faerie realm.

My first foray into fantasy writing began in the late 1980s on my dad’s Apple Mac. Inspired by Watership Down and Run with the Wind, it starred a dancing frog! My love of reading grew, and I spent many nights reading into the wee hours thinking “just one more page and then I’ll sleep.”

I took the scenic route to writing my first novel and along the way I met my husband, my long time love with the patience of a saint. We have three amazing kiddos and a super dog who gets up to shenanigans when he thinks we are not looking.

This is only the beginning, I have plenty more ideas percolating in my mind. Hope to see you here again. In the meantime…

Keep her lit!